23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (2024)

One of my favorite times of the school year is spirit week and crazy hair day is by far my favorite day!

I am always so impressed with all the crazy hairstyles and love seeing how creative kids and families are for spirit days!

As a parent, I always get so excited when I see my son has a crazy hair day coming up but when it comes to picking a crazy hairstyle, I am always stuck on what to actually do for his hair!

These crazy hairstyles will be perfect for anyone looking for some cool ideas for crazy hair day! Some of the ideas are great last minute hairstyles, while other crazy hair ideas might take a little more time but are SO cool!

No matter what type of wacky hairstyles your child is looking for, there is is sure to be one for them!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (1)

1. Starbucks Or Dunkin?

The big question- are you a Starbucks fan or a Dunkin fan? Either way, this awesome hairstyle is so cute! All you need is coffee cups, a straw and some bobby pins and you havebun magic!

2. Popcorn

We love popcorn and this crazy hair idea is SO cool! I love that the video shows you how to easily make this awesome hairstyle and that you get to eat popcorn while you make it! Your child will be popping all day!

3. Donut

This easy crazy hair day idea is so cute and is a great last minute idea! All it requires is a bun, some felt and a little donut love! Bonus- this post shows you how to make this awesome hairstyle!

4. Shark Attack!

This is the coolest crazy hair style and perfect for your shark loving kid! This would be so cute for any hair length and only would take some temporary hair color, a fake shark toy and a little hair gel to make this fun idea happen.

5. DinoLand And Outer Space

My son is obsessed with dinosaurs and outer space and both of these ideas would be so much fun! I love how easy they are and that they would work in both super short hair and long hair! Your dinosaur or space loving kid will love these and as bonusthey are super easy to do!

6. A Mermaid

This little mermaid hairstyle is so impressive and the barbie loving child in me instantly wanted to do this hairstyle! This looks pretty easy and for sure will have everyone impressed!

7. A Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? This bun snowman may be the cutest hairstyle! It requires longer hair and some talent in making sock buns, but is the perfect crazy hairstyle for any snowman loving kid!

8. Ghosts

This ghost hair style is not only adorable, it’s super easy to do and there is even a video showing you how! I love that your kid can help you prep this hairstyle by drawing the ghost face and that it uses materials that you most likely have around your house! This crazy hairstyle is sure to be boo-riffic!

9. Fruit Loops

Everyone loves cereal and this cute idea does not disappoint! Crazy hair with fruit loops is not only adorable, but the perfect wacky hair day style and is easy to do! All you need is some fruit loops, cupcake liner, a spoon and of course fruit loops! This is a pretty simple hairstyle with little supplies. Just add a little hot glue to the fruit loops, glue them on to the cupcake liner and cut a hole in the middle and put it through a messy bun and you are ready to go! Bonus points if you let them eat fruit loops while you do their hair!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (2)

10. A Rainbow

I love an easy hairstyle and this rainbow hair is just that! All you need is temporary hair color and some cotton balls and your little rainbow will be ready to go!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (3)

11. A Star

When it comes to crazy hairstyles, this one is one of my favorites! This star hairstyle is one of my favorites! It looks tricky but really comes down to five hair ties and a little creativity! This

fun idea is sure to make your little one shine for the day!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (4)

12. A Heart

Simple crazy hair day ideas are the best and this heart hairstyle is just that! With 6 scrunchies and a little pre-planned parting, your kid can not only have a heart in their hair but also a pretty awesome hairstyle that everyone is bound to love!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (5)

13. A Unicorn

Unicorns hairstyles are so much fun and a rainbow unicorn is even better! This easy hair style is so much fun and only takes a few hair accessories like a rainbow unicorn headband and some different colors of clipped in hair extensions (both super easy to find online). What I love most about this fun idea is that it is not only super easy, but you and your kid can make it your own! Instead of clipped in hair extensions you could add temporary hair color spray or braid your hair instead of twisting it- the possibilities are endless!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (6)

14. An Elephant

Show off your child’s wild side with this adorable elephant hairstyle! The elephant cut out would be a fun project to work on together and would require just a little felt and some creative magic! The trunk is a pony tail with a few hair ties and could easily be done on long hair or short hair. This cute idea is such an easy hairstyle and is perfect for crazy hair day!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (7)

15. A Unicorn (Take 2)

Unicorn hairstyles are so much fun and have made the list twice because of how cute, popular and easy these crazy hairstyles can be. This unicorn hairstyles takes some sparkles, tutu material and clip in hair extensions in a variety of colors to make your child sparkle! This is another hairstyle that you can easily make your own by having your child pick their colors!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (8)

16. Cup Of Noodles

My family is all about food and this cup of noodles is so much fun! It is a great last minute hairstyle and would not take much time! Itrequires only a cup of noodles cup, some chop sticks and some pony tail magic. This hairstyle is sure to be noodles of fun!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (9)

17. A Cactus

As a teacher, I am always amazed what kids come up with for crazy hair day and this cactus is the perfect example of that! This hairstyle is so cute and creative and only requires a plant pot (very light cardboard or composted one), some green temporary hair color, clip in flowers, long hair in a high ponytail and a little patience. This is by far one of my favorite crazy hair ideas and is sure to impress everyone!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (10)

18. Balloons

This easy crazy hair day idea is so much fun and only requires helium balloons and a few little buns. This is such a fun hairstyle and super easy to do!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (11)

19. A Donut

Donut hairstyles are so cute and so much fun! Grab a paper plate, temporary hair color and make asock bun and you will have the yummiest donut out there!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (12)

20. Crazy Hair Times Three

All three of these crazy hair ideas are so much fun! The buns with pipe cleaners is crazy and so cute! The flower basket hairstyle is so creative and the bow tower is adorable!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (13)

21. A Rainbow (Take 2)

This rainbow hair is such cute idea! I love that it makes a full rainbow out of pipe cleaners and cotton balls! This is such a creative hairstyle and one that will bring smiles to faces all day!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (14)

22. A Spider

I love this creepy cute spider hairstyle! The googly eyes are my favorite part and I love that braids are used for the spider legs- such a creative and fun idea!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (15)

23. A Flamingo

This hairstyle is not only beautiful, but so unique! I love the sparkles, flowers and hair color and the flamingo cut out is so cute!

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (16)
23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (17)

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Now, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas:

This article discusses various creative and fun hairstyles for Crazy Hair Day. Here are some of the ideas mentioned:

  1. Starbucks or Dunkin?: This hairstyle involves creating a bun using coffee cups, a straw, and bobby pins. It's a cute and easy hairstyle that resembles a coffee cup. [[1]]
  2. Popcorn: This hairstyle involves creating a popcorn-themed look using hair accessories. The article mentions a video tutorial that demonstrates how to achieve this hairstyle. [[2]]
  3. Donut: This hairstyle involves creating a bun and adding felt decorations to resemble a donut. The article provides a tutorial for this hairstyle. [[3]]
  4. Shark Attack!: This hairstyle is perfect for shark enthusiasts. It involves using temporary hair color, a fake shark toy, and hair gel to create a shark-themed look. [[4]]
  5. DinoLand and Outer Space: These hairstyles are suitable for kids who love dinosaurs and outer space. The article mentions that these hairstyles are easy to create and work for both short and long hair. [[5]]
  6. A Mermaid: This hairstyle creates a mermaid-inspired look using braids and hair accessories. It's described as impressive and relatively easy to achieve. [[6]]
  7. A Snowman: This hairstyle requires longer hair and involves creating a bun that resembles a snowman. The article mentions the use of sock buns and provides a tutorial. [[7]]
  8. Ghosts: This hairstyle involves creating a ghost-themed look using hair accessories and drawing a ghost face. The article mentions that it's easy to do and provides a video tutorial. [[8]]
  9. Fruit Loops: This hairstyle incorporates fruit loops as a hair accessory. The article suggests using hot glue to attach the fruit loops to a cupcake liner, which is then placed in a messy bun. [[9]]
  10. A Rainbow: This hairstyle involves using temporary hair color and cotton balls to create a rainbow-inspired look. [[10]]
  11. A Star: This hairstyle requires five hair ties and some creativity to create a star shape with the hair. [[11]]
  12. A Heart: This hairstyle involves using scrunchies and parting the hair to create a heart shape. It's described as an awesome hairstyle that everyone will love. [[12]]
  13. A Unicorn: This hairstyle combines a rainbow unicorn headband, clipped-in hair extensions, and hair accessories to create a unicorn-inspired look. The article suggests various ways to customize the hairstyle. [[13]]
  14. An Elephant: This hairstyle involves creating an elephant-themed look using felt and ponytails. It's described as adorable and suitable for both long and short hair. [[14]]
  15. A Unicorn (Take 2): This hairstyle is another unicorn-inspired look that incorporates sparkles, tutu material, and clip-in hair extensions. The article emphasizes the ability to personalize the hairstyle. [[15]]
  16. Cup of Noodles: This last-minute hairstyle involves using a cup of noodles cup, chopsticks, and ponytails to create a cup of noodles-inspired look. [[16]]
  17. A Cactus: This hairstyle requires a plant pot, green temporary hair color, clip-in flowers, and a high ponytail to create a cactus-themed look. It's described as cute and creative. [[17]]
  18. Balloons: This easy hairstyle involves using helium balloons and creating small buns. It's a fun and simple hairstyle to try. [[18]]
  19. A Donut (Take 2): This hairstyle involves using a paper plate, temporary hair color, and a sock bun to create a donut-inspired look. [[19]]
  20. Crazy Hair Times Three: This section showcases three different crazy hair ideas, including buns with pipe cleaners, a flower basket hairstyle, and a bow tower. [[20]]
  21. A Rainbow (Take 2): This hairstyle creates a full rainbow using pipe cleaners and cotton balls. It's described as a creative and smile-inducing hairstyle. [[21]]
  22. A Spider: This hairstyle involves creating a spider-themed look using googly eyes and braids for spider legs. It's described as creepy-cute and fun. [[22]]
  23. A Flamingo: This hairstyle incorporates sparkles, flowers, hair color, and a flamingo cutout to create a unique and beautiful look. [[23]]

These are just a few of the crazy hair day ideas mentioned in the article. Each idea offers a unique and creative way to style hair for a fun and memorable day.

23 BEST Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls And Boys | (2024)


What is the description for Crazy Hair Day? ›

I interpret “Crazy Hair Day” as a day to put your child's hair in a style that is weird, unusual, silly, or laughable.

What do kids do for Crazy hair Day? ›

Here are 18 styles for the next crazy hair day at school or kid-related events.
  • Unicorn. If your child loves unicorns, then why not be one for the day! ...
  • Muffin On A Plate. What a cute idea to use the hair to form the food on a plate. ...
  • Mermaid Tail. ...
  • Wired Braids. ...
  • Rainbow Dash Hair. ...
  • Elephant's Trunk. ...
  • Bee Hive. ...
  • Man With Moustache.
Dec 18, 2021

What is the best hairstyle for a girl? ›

Best hairstyles for round faces

Short hair is particularly flattering on round faces, if parted and styled the right way, so go ahead and make the chop to that trendy lob. Try a deep side part to also create more angles to a round face, or pull your hair up into a high ponytail to elongate the face.

What is a good hair day? ›

A good hair day is when your hair was easily managed to look really good, and you have a really good day as well. Sometimes people say that they are having a bad hair day which can mean that they are having a bad day all around. It usually doesn't happen that someone has a good hair day and a bad day at the same time.

Who invented Crazy hair Day? ›

After a chance meeting between Jennifer Case Nevarez and author Barney Saltzberg at the annual Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators in Los Angeles, Jennifer suggested the crazy idea that they team up with the Children's Museum to launch a city-wide reading campaign in San Diego...and Barney was crazy ...

Why is it called a bad hair day? ›

Originally meaning 'a day when your hair seems unmanageable', the use of this expression has now extended to describe a day when everything seems to go wrong.

How do I keep my hair nice during the day? ›

You've got two options. First option, use your anti-frizz serum to touch up as you need throughout the day. Warm the product up in your hands and apply to dry hair to banish these flyaway hairs. “Another solution is spraying hairspray onto a comb and styling, rather than spraying directly onto your hair.”

How to color kids hair for crazy hair day? ›

For light hair: Just rub the chalk onto hair and apply a bit of hairspray to hold it in place. For dark hair: Mix a few drops of water with ground up/powdered chalk to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to hair and allow to sit for 30 minutes.

How do you manage crazy curls? ›

Always apply product from ends toward scalp in a scrunching motion; this helps keep your curls true to form; if you apply from the scalp down you risk pulling the curl which can cause hair to become fluffy and lose those bouncy defined curls we want. Avoid over touching, let your curls do what they do best, curl.


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