Ainsley's Australian Market Menu | Episode guide (2024)

Armed only with a few pots and pans and a hunger for the best fresh produce, Ainsley has only a few hours to explore the market, find his ingredients and conceive some quick and tasty dishes to win over the crowds.

At each market, Ainsley has booked a stall in a prime position. Arriving at dawn with little more than some cooking equipment, Ainsley sets about creating his unique market menu by the time the locals are ready for lunch!

With little time to waste Ainsley sets out to explore the market, meet the producers and seek out the produce, all the while hatching a plan for his market menu.

Drawing inspiration from the location, its people and its produce, Ainsley will aim to push the boundaries of the local culture with his innovative food creations.

Once he’s scoured the market for the produce, it’s back to his stall where, with curious onlookers standing by, he goes about creating original, gourmet snacks to dish up to the growing crowds.

Episode 1 | Willunga, SA

The first stop on the ‘Ainsley’s Market Menu’ is Willunga, a bustling farmers market in a charming, little town in South Australia. After setting up his stall Ainsley goes in search of the finest produce for his menu. Along the way he discovers some glorious pork loin from a rare breed pig farmer, for his spicy ‘Chargrilled Jerk Pork’. For dessert, Ainsley selects some juicy strawberries and rich cream for a simple layered treat that honours seasonal ingredients. And to wash it all down a chilled mulled cider, perfect to enjoy with some fellow market goers on a balmy afternoon!

Chargrilled jerk pork on watermelon and coconut salad
Strawberry mash-up with elderflower cream crunch
Iced mulled Willunga cider shots with plum confetti

Episode 2 | Warrnambool, VIC

Ainsley’s next stop is the coastal town of Warrnambool in Victoria, where rolling green pastures meet the deep blue sea. That means great beef, creamy dairy and the freshest seafood, all available at The Fresh Market Warrnambool. Ainsley doesn’t waste any time, finding some succulent beef fillet from a local farmer for his delightful ‘Sesame Soy Beef Lollipops’. Then he hunts down some fresh mozzarella which he pairs with locally smoked ham and fresh figs. To finish the day Ainsley can’t resist something sweet, using a local rhubarb jam to top his British ‘Drop Scones’ – that he shares with new friends, young and old.

Betsy’s drop scones with rhubarb and raspberry ripple cream
Crispy coconut abalone with yoghurt herb dip
Seared mozzarella in smoked ham with figs
Sesame soy beef lollipops

Ainsley's Australian Market Menu | Episode guide (8)

Episode 3 | Logan, QLD

Ainsley is headed up north to the ‘Global Food Market’ in Logan to experience one of the world’s most culturally diverse markets. With so many exotic fruits and vegetables on offer, the challenge is on to turn this bounty of global produce into a market menu that will win over the locals. Ainsley meets hardworking local farmer, Ram who was originally born in Fiji and grows all of his own produce in his backyard. Ainsley discovers it’s Ram’s 85th birthday and thinks it only fitting to cook him a vegetarian curry to celebrate, using Ram’s very own unique ingredient, “kundru”. To cap off a marvelous day Ainsley whips up a creative lamb slider served on grilled cassava.

Asian lamb patties on chargrilled cassava
Global green shot and coconut smoothie
Ram’s kundru pumpkin curry

Episode 4 | Hobart, TAS

Ainsley heads south to Tasmania to take in Hobart’s famous Salamanca market. Known for it’s rich soil, clean air, pure water and passionate growers, Ainsley’s on a mission to find out if the Tassie produce really lives up to the hype. From the moment Ainsley sets foot in the market he is inspired to cook by the high quality fruit and vegetables. His menu starts with a colourful salad of grilled vegetables that he tops with a luscious ash log cheese and pickled walnuts. Next, Ainsley can’t go past farmer Bob’s Tassie apples, whipping up an ‘Apple Isle and Walnut French Toast’. And to finish things off Ainsley finds some of the world’s best oysters for a deep fried, spicy treat that has the market goers coming back for more.

Apple Isle French toast with walnut and caramel bananas
Charred green and black salad with cheese, walnuts and fruit salsa
Spicy fried Bruny Island oysters with pickled cucumber

Ainsley's Australian Market Menu | Episode guide (15)

Move over salt bae! Source: Ainsley's Market Menu

Episode 5 | Wollongong, NSW

Ainsley’s journey takes him to the coastal haven of Wollongong, for the hustle and bustle of the ‘Friday Foragers Market’. There’s a big emphasis on organic food and before long a juicy organic watermelon catches Ainsley’s eye which he matches with some pure, wild honey and coconut. Next up Ainsley spots some beautiful pink oyster mushrooms from local grower, Jessie, which he sautes with amaranth leaves, a local caprino romano cheese and serves on freshly baked sourdough. To round out his menu, Ainsley picks up some organic eggplant for a tempura with Asian spices and honey - a sure fire crowd pleaser!

Chargrilled sourdough with sauteed mushrooms and melted Caprino Romano cheese
Chargrilled watermelon with toasted coconut and wild honey
Eggplant fritters with wild honey and cinnamon sugar

Episode 6 | Adelaide, SA

It’s the last stop on the ‘Ainsley’s Market Menu’ tour and we’ve arrived in the heart of Adelaide to visit ‘Adelaide Central Market’, the largest undercover fresh produce market in the southern hemisphere. With a large array of seasonal fruits and vegetables on display, Ainsley spots some green heirloom tomatoes which he matches with a Duck Confit from a French smallgoods supplier. Next up, Ainsley celebrates South Australia seafood with for a Moroccan inspired fish tagine. And continuing on with his Morrocan theme, Ainsley grabs a few ingredients for a ‘Mango Lassi’ with a Moroccan twist, which he shares with the local market goers to celebrate the end of a wonderful tour.

Fried green tomatoes with duck confit
Central Market’s fish tagine with preserved lemon and green olives
Spiced mango and rosewater lassi
Ainsley’s ultimate jerk chicken
24 minutes with Ainsley Harriott
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Lamb tagine with fragrant couscous
Roasted red pepper and walnut dip (muhammara)
Upside-down chicken in a pot (maqlooba)
Ainsley's Australian Market Menu | Episode guide (2024)


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