Dead By Daylight Lunar 2024 Event: Start Time, Free Bloodpoints, and Everything We Know (2024)

What's in store for Dead by Daylight's Lunar New Year event? Let's take a look at all the festivities and when they begin.

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30th January - The 2024 Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year celebration has still not been anounced, but we're hoping it should be announced soon. It could be Behavior are waiting for the release of the new update and Alan Wake chapter before the event. Stay tuned for more info.

Original Story Follows - The popular 4v1 horror game Dead by Daylight celebrates the Chinese New Year with a Lunar Event annually, and 2024 will be no exception. It might be the year of the adorable little rabbit, but Dead by Daylight is sure to put a terrifying spin on this cute animal with some unique cosmetics and festivities during the upcoming Moonlight Burrow event.

Here's everything in store for the Moonlight Burrow Dead by Daylight Lunar Event 2024, including when it will begin and what fans can expect regarding bonuses, rewards, decorations, and festivities.

Dead By Daylight Lunar Event Start Date/End Date

Dead By Daylight Lunar 2024 Event: Start Time, Free Bloodpoints, and Everything We Know (1)
The 2024 Lunar Event will likely start in January 2024 and end in February. 

Let's look at the timing of previous years' events:

  • 2023: Moonlight Burrow (Year Of The Rabbit) - 24th January until 7th February
  • 2022: Lurking Stripes (Year of the Tiger) - 25th January until 5th February
  • 2021: Gilded Stampede (Year of the Ox) - 11th February until 25th February, extended until 4th March
  • 2020: Scarlet Swarm (Year of the Rat) - 21st January until February 4th
  • 2019: Moonrise (Year of the Pig) - 30th January to 13th February
  • 2018: Year of the Dog (Howling Grounds) - 15th February to 1st March

As you can see, the start of the Lunar Event coincides with the start of the Chinese New Year every year, often beginning only a bit earlier. Chinese New Year 2024 falls on the 10 of February, with the Lantern Festival landing on the 24th of February.

Dead By Daylight Lunar Event Items, Offerings, More

Dead By Daylight Lunar 2024 Event: Start Time, Free Bloodpoints, and Everything We Know (2)

While Dead by Daylight loves to add spice and variety to its events by throwing in some new features each year, there are a few aspects of the Lunar Event that return every year.

For example, the lobby changes to fit the theme, and generators and hooks take on some Lunar-themed decorations. Players will also be able to purchase special event items, like the Chinese Firecracker, Red Envelope, and, new in 2021, the Festive Toolbox.

Firecracker: A row of small explosive devices wrapped in heavy paper casing. Detonates into loud bangs and intense light flashes. Can be used as a distraction, as a blinding device or to celebrate.

Festive Toolbox: A Toolbox packed to the brim with fireworks, it is prepared to celebrate all your life's successes... and failures.

  • Increased Generator Repair speed of +50%.
  • Succeeding a Great Skill Check detonates a small cluster of firecrackers.
  • Missing a Skill Check detonates fireworks.
  • Unlocks the Sabotage action.
  • A Capacity of 32 Charges.

Red Envelope: A special gift for the Lunar New Year celebration.

  • As a Killer, hook a Survivor on a Lunar Celebration Hook to earn bonus Bloodpoints.
  • As a Survivor, whenever a Lunar Celebration Generator is repaired, you earn bonus Bloodpoints.
  • Using Red Envelope increases the amount of Bloodpoints earned for these interactions.

The Red Envelope and Festive Toolbox were new additions for 2022 and returned in 2023, suggesting that they will return in 2024, perhaps even with some new items in store.

Dead By Daylight Lunar Event Rewards

Dead By Daylight Lunar 2024 Event: Start Time, Free Bloodpoints, and Everything We Know (3)

By using one of the offerings we mentioned above - the Red Envelope - players could receive special Lunar-themed rewards in 2022 and 2023, and cosmetic rewards will return in 2024.

Players must interact with an envelope and have another player claim that envelope. Once the envelope is claimed, both players will receive a Bloodpoint reward and a Lunar Event cosmetic.

For 2023, the following characters received cosmetic rewards during Moonlight Burrow:

  • Claudette Morel
  • Jonah Vasquez
  • Yun-Jin Lee
  • Elodie Rakoto
  • The OnI
  • The Trickster
  • The Doctor
  • The Blight
  • Lunar Rabbit charm
  • Quiet Rabbit charm

The following characters received free Lunar Event bonus cosmetics in 2022:

  • David King
  • Jane Romero
  • Kate Denson
  • The Trapper
  • The Clown
  • The Nurse
  • The Artist

In 2021, players could redeem promo codes throughout the event for themed cosmetics, too.

The following cosmetics were available in 2021:

  • Lunar Ox (Universal Charm)
  • Gilded Locks (Head) - Zarina Kassir
  • Scarlet Edge (Weapon) – The Spirit
  • Shimmering Ox (Torso) – Adam Francis

We expect a mix of original characters to receive free cosmetics again next year.

Dead By Daylight Lunar Event Collection And Sale

Dead By Daylight Lunar 2024 Event: Start Time, Free Bloodpoints, and Everything We Know (4)

There will likely be new cosmetics in the 2024 Lunar New Year Event. The 2023 Moonlight Burrow Event featured some new cosmetics in the store for Feng Min and Vittorio Toscano, called "Down The Rabbit Hole" and "Auspicious Apparel," respectively. Feng Min's features her in bunny ears, while Vittorio sports a bun and a formal red suit.

Some years during the Lunar Event celebration, Behaviour released a collection in the store to accompany the event.

These items, purchasable with Iridescent Shards or Auric Cells, are separate from the earnable rewards we listed before.

On top of the new cosmetics in the store, the event almost always comes with a sale, offering up to 30% off of some themed costumes.

Here's a sampling of the items in the 2021 sale:

  • Feng Min's Spring Festival Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • Ace Visconti's Seasoned Gambler Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • The Huntress' Brave Beast Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • Jeff Johansen's New Year Showgoer Outfit: 960 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • The Legion's New Year Shoplifter Outfit: 960 AC (was 1200 AC)

Dead By Daylight Lunar Event Free Bloodpoints

Throughout the Lunar Event, Dead by Daylight usually sends free Bloodpoints to players - ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 or more - just for logging in each day.

Dead by Daylight will likely bring back these free Bloodpoints this year to bring players back and encourage them to try the event.

That's all the information we know about the Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year Event in 2024. As the event gets closer and Behaviour Interactives announces more finalized plans, we will be the first to let you know right here.

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Dead By Daylight Lunar 2024 Event: Start Time, Free Bloodpoints, and Everything We Know (5)

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Dead By Daylight Lunar 2024 Event: Start Time, Free Bloodpoints, and Everything We Know (2024)


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