IPTAY Releases Revised 2023 Seat Equity Plan (2024)

IPTAY Releases Revised 2023 Seat Equity Plan (1)

IPTAY Releases Revised 2023 Seat Equity Plan

In 2008, Clemson joined the other top-20 FBS football attendance leaders in adding a preferred seating component to its annual giving program. Under the plan, season ticket holders who give at or above the specified per-seat values qualify for specific seating in Memorial Stadium.

Per-seat donations are a common system utilized in intercollegiate athletics to enhance the annual support to student-athletes. When the initial IPTAY Seat Equity Plan was announced and implemented in 2008, one component of the plan permitted periodic marketplace review of the values of each section of seating in Memorial Stadium. Since implementation, adjustments have been made in IPTAY 2013, IPTAY 2017, and now the IPTAY 2023 years.

In the map below, you will find the new per-seat donations implemented for the IPTAY 2023 year. All donations made to IPTAY after July 1, 2022, will apply to the IPTAY 2023 year and the newly adjusted seat equity values. The seat equity values are the minimum donation required to be eligible to receive and purchase football season tickets inside Memorial Stadium. All season tickets in Memorial Stadium available for purchase require a per-seat donation. Please note that making the minimum seat equity donation does not guarantee seats in those sections. All new season ticket requests are assigned first by IPTAY annual giving level and then by IPTAY Priority Points within that level. It is important to note that many give above and beyond their required seat equity value.

These adjustments have been determined and endorsed by the IPTAY Board of Directors and the athletic department. We anticipate IPTAY donors will continue the long-standing history of a high renewal rate, which annually impacts the number of lower-level seats available.

The seat equity initiative has continued enhancing annual support for all student-athletes at Clemson. It is providing Clemson’s growing athletic program the resources needed to compete at the highest level in the classroom and athletic competition. The unwavering generosity of IPTAY donors continues to propel Clemson athletics to unprecedented heights as an elite athletic program that competes for conference and national championships. Go Tigers!

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Digital IPTAY 2023 Seat Equity Booklet

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the plan affect Life & Endowment Donors?

As done in 2008, 2013, and 2017, the modification of the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan will allow life donors to purchase the number of seats outlined in their respective life donor agreements pertaining to the specific IPTAY giving level. These seats in the life donor agreement will not be affected. However, seats purchased above and beyond the life donor agreed upon number (included in the agreement) will be impacted by the modification of the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan.

How does the plan affect Clemson faculty & staff members?

Current Clemson faculty and staff members who purchase football season tickets receive a $200 credit toward an IPTAY membership, which may be applied to the modification of the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan. If the faculty/staff member already maintains an IPTAY donor level, $200 will be credited to their current donor level upon the purchase of football season tickets.

Does the plan mean that everyone in your section donates the same amount to IPTAY?

A misconception when we use the term “equity” is that each IPTAY donor sitting next to another IPTAY donor is donating the same amount as the other. This is true in some cases, but there are many other factors that contribute to this not being exact. The quantity of tickets is the main factor, as well as the parking the donors’ request. The per-seat donation that IPTAY requires is the minimum donors can contribute to renew their seats.

Many IPTAY donors contribute more than the required donation. However, one must consider all of the factors, including parking priority, seat locations, and, most critically, that each donation supports the mission of IPTAY.

Why is the seat equity plan important?

The preferred seating component within IPTAY is vital to the IPTAY annual fund. The funds generated by the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan go directly to supporting Clemson student-athletes through athletic scholarships, new and upgraded facilities, academic support, strength & conditioning, nutrition services, and more. These dollars continue to be critical in IPTAY’s efforts to provide the necessary resources for all student-athletes to be top competitors in the classroom and athletic competition amidst the rising costs associated with intercollegiate athletics.

Will the IPTAY seat equity plan be required beyond 2023?

Yes. The IPTAY Seat Equity Plan works in conjunction with your annual IPTAY contribution and will be necessary for your season ticket renewal or purchase each year. Also, the donation levels and seat values associated with each specific section may be revised to address the future needs of IPTAY and the Clemson University Athletic Department. The IPTAY Board and the athletic department review the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan each year.

Do I have to participate in the annual IPTAY Seat Equity Plan to keep my season-ticket location?

Yes. The IPTAY Seat Equity Plan is required to renew football season tickets. Please note all seating areas within Memorial Stadium have an associated per-seat value.

How will this affect my parking assignment?

Parking is reassigned annually using each donor’s annual giving level and IPTAY Priority Point total. As donors decide to increase their giving to retain seats or to request seat improvements, parking assignments may be affected.

IPTAY Releases Revised 2023 Seat Equity Plan (2024)


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