These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (2024)

These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (1)

Razor bumps, strawberry skin, and semi-permanent underarm shadow? Forget about the side effects of shaving and the pain of waxing — at-home laser hair removal makes it easy to achieve smooth, lasting results from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Laser hair removal is a great option if you’re looking to minimize the amount of hair, its thickness, or the rate at which it grows on certain areas on your face or body. It works by emitting a beam of light that is attracted to the pigment in a hair follicle, where it then heats up and destroys the follicle, effectively reducing and delaying hair growth.

At-home laser hair removal is a more affordable way to achieve the results of professional sessions, but from the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule. However, these devices require more frequent and consistent use in order to achieve the same results, explains Dr. Kim Nichols, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of NicholsM. While professional sessions are usually every 6 to 8 weeks, at-home devices can be used as directed up to twice a week. Most at-home devices rely on Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is a less powerful laser than what is used professionally.

“Convenience and privacy, if you're looking to treat a private area that you don't want others seeing, are two major benefits of using an at-home hair removal device,” explains Dr. Nichols. When it comes to shopping for a device that you’ll be able to use consistently, she suggests looking for those with clinical studies performed on the results, and features such as safety glasses to protect your eyes.

While at-home laser hair removal devices can help to minimize hair growth at a fraction of the cost of in-office treatment, some devices are more reliable and deliver more consistent results than others. Our PEOPLE Tested team tried out a wide variety of at-home laser hair removal devices, and those that scored highest across our tests are included on this list. We narrowed down our top picks based on efficiency, ease of use, comfort, and overall value.

Keep reading to discover the best at-home laser hair removal devices on the market, tested by PEOPLE.

Our Top Picks

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Best Overall, Less Expensive:

nood The Flasher 2.0 at Amazon ($199)

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Best Overall

Silk’n Infinity

These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (2)


  • Incredibly lightweight, weighing under 5 oz.

  • Features pulse and glide settings for use on different areas

  • We saw results of hair reduction and thinning in just 5 weeks


  • Comes in over $400 at full price

  • Can produce a mild heat on the highest setting (which is normal, but those with sensitive skin should be cautious)

Lightweight, easy-to-use, noticeably effective at reducing hair thickness and suitable for both your body and face — these are just a few of the reasons Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device earned our top recommendation. This dermatologist-approved, dual-voltage device is super easy to set up and to maneuver, even for those of us with small hands. We love that it arrived ready to use and with detailed instructions — although we ultimately found that watching a YouTube tutorial about the device was a faster, more helpful way to feel confident using it than reading through the instructions. It was a breeze to use on both the pulsing and gliding setting, with the former targeting smaller areas and the latter offering a quick and painless way to cover large areas like our legs in just 15 minutes. We felt no pain on any of the five settings — which you should work your way up through according to your own pain tolerance and skin tone — although the fifth setting, which is the most intense, did produce a mild heat (although this normal and expected, but worth noting for those with sensitive skin). After just five weeks of using this every other week, we started noticing hair reduction, and by the end of our testing period, our hair was growing back thinner.

While this device is on the higher end of the price range of those that we tested, it equals out to roughly the cost of one session of professional laser hair removal. When you consider that this offers endless at-home convenience — it’s designed to provide a lifetime’s worth of treatments without ever requiring a refill cartridge — it’s easy to see why it’s a worthwhile investment, and why we’ll be relying on this instead of monthly trips to the waxing salon.

Intensity Levels: 5 | Flashes: Unlimited | Suitable For: Full body and face

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  • These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (4)

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  • Boasts 7 intensity levels for a customized experience

  • There’s a wide, easy-to-read digital display

  • Treatments can be achieved in under 10 minutes

  • Costing around $200, it’s on the lower end for effective at-home laser hair removal devices


  • Size of the device is slightly difficult to grasp for smaller hands

  • Doesn’t offer unlimited flashes like our other best overall pick

Ingrown hairs and stubble-induced shadows are a thing of the past since we’ve been hooked onNood The Flasher 2.0. With seven intensity levels and a fully digital display, it’s easy and painless to use over large areas and even on sensitive skin or on hormonal-based hair growth, like PCOS. The new and improved model features a wider treatment window and a higher intensity bulb, meaning we were able to achieve rapid body treatments in just 10 minutes with fewer flashes (our armpits only took five minutes!).

While the larger size felt a bit bulky in our hands and the brighter flash visually startled us at first (and may be triggering for those with epilepsy), it was still comfortable to use and was worth it for how much faster we could run through treatments — it’s a dream for those of us who are always rushing out the door. Costing around $200, it’s also the most budget-friendly option on our list, and while you’ll get fewer features, we’d highly recommend it as an effective and affordable alternative to the other picks on this list.

Intensity Levels: 7 | Flashes: 600,000 | Suitable For: Full body and face

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Best Cooling

Ulike Sapphire AIR+

These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (8)

Our Ratings

  • Ease of Use


  • Features


  • Comfort


  • Effectiveness


  • Durability



  • Sapphire Ice Cooling Technology keeps the window ultra cold throughout application

  • Device boasts five intensity levels

  • Provides unlimited number of flashes, so no refilling a cartridge


  • Device felt slightly large for smaller hands, making it slightly more difficult to maneuver

  • Highest setting caused slight discomfort and may not be suited for sensitive skin

Worried about the warm or tingling sensations that certain at-home laser hair removal devices emit? This handset from Ulike has got you covered. Available in dark green and white, this remote-shaped wand boasts proprietary Sapphire Ice Cooling Technology, which we found kept the glass window ice-cold to the touch and greatly helped to minimize discomfort by cooling down the skin as we used it. It features five intensity levels, and only on the fifth, most intense level did we experience slight discomfort akin to snapping a rubber band against our skin.

We love that this comes with plenty of extras like a razor, a case for the razor, protective glasses to wear during use (to help reduce the possibility of migraines from the light flashes), and a travel case. We found the lightweight device easy to hold and maneuver, but noted that it’s a bit thick for smaller hands, and since it’s not handheld, the wire occasionally had to be moved out of the way. Overall, this rarely impacted the smoothness of our ability to use this wand all around our body and on the lower half of our face.

Intensity Levels: 5 | Flashes: Unlimited | Suitable For: Full body and face

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Best for Light Hair

Iluminage Touch

These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (11)

Our Ratings

  • Ease of Use


  • Features


  • Comfort


  • Effectiveness


  • Durability



  • Device comes ready to go — no need to charge before initial use

  • Precision adaptor makes it easy to target smaller areas

  • Only option we tested that’s FDA-approved


  • Most expensive option on our list

  • Epilator is not particularly user-friendly, so this wouldn’t be the best option for beginners

At-home devices, like trusty epilators, that are actually effective and approved for use with light or red hair are few and far between. We found this model from Iluminage to be the strongest contender, as we tested it on light hair and noticed our hair growing back slower and sparser after just six sessions of weekly use.

There’s no need to charge the device before use —you can just plug the base into the wall and attach it to either the epilator cartridge or precision adapter and go. We found the epilator, which is recommended for removal of light hair before treatment, to be difficult to use even after reading the instructions, but that didn’t affect the efficacy of the device on the whole. We just may caution it may not be the best option for those new to these types of tools. On the other hand, we found that the precision adaptor was great for targeting smaller areas and underarms. While the device is easy to grip and maneuver, we wish the wall plug-in was longer; you’ll have to post up somewhere very close to an outlet in order for this to work.

This is the most expensive pick on our list, but for those with light hair or particularly fair skin tones, it may be worth the investment: It’s been clinically proven, it's the only FDA-approved option, and it is still significantly less of an investment of time and money than in-office treatment.

Intensity Levels: 3 | Flashes: 300,000 | Suitable For: Full body (except bikini area) and face

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Best User-Friendly

RoseSkinCo. Lumi

These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (14)

Our Ratings

  • Ease of Use


  • Features


  • Comfort


  • Effectiveness


  • Durability



  • Very rapid and simple set-up — just plug it in and it’s ready to use

  • Offers three modes (stamp, glide, and auto) for efficient hair removal

  • One of the lower cost options we tested, especially when discounted


  • We wish it had a more ergonomic design, as the curved device can be difficult to maintain a good grip on at certain angles

Lumi makes at-home laser hair removal more straightforward than any other option we tried: Just plug it in, press the power button, and select which of the three modes (stamp, glide, or auto) you’d like to use, based on which body part you’re targeting. We found stamp mode, which delivers a pulse every time you click, to be super effective in more precise areas, like our bikini line and armpits. Glide and auto don’t require repeated clicks, so those were our go-to for larger areas, like our arms and legs (which are the two places we saw the most noticeable dip in hair growth). The compact device easily fit in our palms, but we wish there were ridges or indents for an easier grip, as the rounded shape proved difficult to hold at times.

We also love that there’s a quick and handy quiz on their website to figure out if Lumi will be effective for you (TL;DR: It is better suited for light skin to medium brown skin, and dark blonde to black hair; it isn’t great for super fair or dark skin, or hair that’s light, red, or gray.) This is another wallet-friendly option that showed us promising results after twice-weekly use over three months.

Intensity Levels: 6 | Flashes: 900,000 | Suitable For: Full body and face

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Best Features

Jovs Venus Pro II

These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (16)

Our Ratings

  • Ease of Use


  • Features


  • Comfort


  • Effectiveness


  • Durability



  • Exceptionally easy to maneuver, thanks to the ergonomic design

  • Head rotates to achieve the ideal angle, which was especially helpful when using on our backs

  • Features a cooling sensation that helped minimize discomfort during our tests


  • At more than $400, it’s one of the more expensive options on this list (however, you can sometimes find it on sale)

From the first moment we laid eyes on the JOVS Venus Pros II Hair Remover, we could tell that it was different. Unlike the majority of remote or egg-shaped devices on the market, this comes in an ergonomic L-shaped design, with a 330-degree rotating head to help you find the perfect angle —a detail that came in ultra handy for us when testing this on our backs. It’s loaded up with features that we found useful, like a cooling system that provided a refreshing sensation and minimized discomfort during application, a skin rejuvenation mode to lighten hyperpigmentation, and an auto-flash mode that allowed us to cover large areas in a shorter period of time.

At over $400, this is more of an investment purchase than most of the others on this list, but we found that the additional features (plus the included razor and safety glasses) were worth it. Plus, you can occasionally find it on sale, so it's worth grabbing when you do.

Intensity Levels: 6 | Flashes: Unlimited | Suitable For: Full body and face

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Best for Travel

Smoothskin Pure Mini

These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (19)


  • Since it’s a mini size and comes with a convenient carrying pouch, it’s more portable than other options we tested

  • Includes a gentle mode which is designed for those with sensitive skin

  • Features built-in UV protection


  • It may not work internationally without a voltage converter

We loved how easy this model was to set up and how quickly we were able to zip through treating our legs (in just six minutes!) by using the convenient glide method, which auto-flashes as you steadily move the device along your legs. This is going to be a mainstay in our carry-on thanks to the handy velvet traveling pouch that you can store everything in — plus, it’s a convenient handheld size that takes up minimal packing room, even with the power adapter and cord.

We appreciated that there’s built-in UV protection thanks to a 3-millimeter glass filter, plus there’s a Gentle Mode for sensitive skin, although we found it comfortable and pain-free to use on Power Mode, which operates at a higher intensity level. The precision head was also handy for covering smaller areas, like our upper lip. After five sessions of weekly use, we noticed much less hair coming in along our legs, although our hair thickness remained about the same. Note that if you’re planning to travel abroad with this, you’ll want to check the voltage converter and adapter you have to make sure it’s safe to use where you’re headed.

Intensity Levels: 2 | Flashes: Unlimited | Suitable For: Full body and face

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Things to Consider When Buying Laser-Hair Removal Devices


At-home laser hair removal devices will require more sessions over time, but ultimately cost significantly less than professional laser hair removal sessions. The price of in-office sessions will depend on the body parts targeted, your geographic region and the number of sessions required, but typically falls into the range of $100 to $800 per session. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average session cost as of 2020 was $389.

That price is similar to the cost of a one-time investment in an at-home laser hair removal device, which will run you anywhere from $190 to $430 on average. Most of the devices on this list include unlimited flashes, meaning they’ll last you indefinitely. Based upon your needs, consider what features you require and note that those will up the cost of the device slightly (like cooling features, or a variety of intensity levels), but that the device’s price will ultimately still be comparable to one professional session.

Hair Color and Skin Tone

Lighter hair colors — like blonde, red, and gray — have less pigmentation in the follicle, making it difficult for at-home devices to work on them effectively, as the devices require contrast between skin and hair color in order to target the follicle. This also applies to darker skin tones, which have less contrast between the melanin in skin and in the follicle. Be sure to read a range of customer reviews and consider consulting your dermatologist before using a new at-home laser hair removal device if you have light hair or dark skin.

Device Size

Depending on the area you plan to use the device on, you’ll want to take into account its size and maneuverability. If you’re looking to target facial hair, you may want to opt for a smaller, more precise device, whereas if you plan to use it on your legs, back, or other large areas, you’ll want to find an option that has a wider window to help speed up the process.

How We Tested

We tested 13 at-home laser hair removal devices from leading brands in order to narrow down a list of our top recommendations for safe and effective use at home. Each device was used consistently in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions over several weeks, during which time we took detailed notes on everything from the ease of setup and use to levels of comfort and efficacy.

During and after consistent use, we evaluated the learning curve of using the devices, if and how the shape of them impacted ease of use and maneuverability, how long it took to use per session, if there was a reduction in the speed or thickness with which our hair grew back after use, and if the device functioned the same at the end of the testing period as it had in the beginning.

At the end of our 12-week testing period, we rated each at-home laser hair removal device on a scale of one to five, with one being the poorest performing and five being the best. The devices with the highest average scores made this list and earned the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are at-home laser hair removal devices safe?

    “Laser hair removal is safe to perform on all skin types,” explains Dr. Nichols, who explains that it’s important to look for devices that have already performed clinical trials and to consult before and after photos. Generally speaking, most at-home laser-hair removal devices are not meant for use with darker skin tones or very light hair colors, as they can’t pick up on the contrast in pigmentation and could cause hyperpigmentation or scarring. Be sure to consult your dermatologist before using a new product if you fall into one of these categories — you may be better off considering a professional session, which has access to more advanced and sensitive lasers.

    While the at-home devices are safe, Dr. Nichols warns of taking your time as you learn to use them, noting that since there’s no physician oversight at home to prevent burns or other negative side effects, it’s crucial to proceed with caution as you get comfortable with the device.

  • Does hair grow back after using an at-home laser hair remover?

    Yes, just like with the use of a dermaplaning device, an epilating device, an at-home wax, or a hair removal cream, the hair will continue to grow back after using at-home laser hair removal devices. It’s important to note that these aren’t get-hairless-quick schemes. The devices will only work if you use them as often and as consistently as directed, and even then, they won’t leave you permanently hairless. They are designed to minimize the amount and size of hair follicles, which in turn reduces the amount of hair that grows and the rate at which it fills in.

  • Are at-home laser hair removal devices worth it?

    If you’re looking to reduce the amount of hair you have or make it finer, then at-home laser hair removal devices are worth it. They’re significantly more affordable than professional sessions and can be performed in a matter of minutes, making them much less of a time commitment.

    “However, those with lighter hair (white, blonde, and red tones), may not receive as effective a treatment,” warns Dr. Nichols (this goes for those with darker skin as well). This is because of how laser hair removal works, she explains, elaborating that lasers function by emitting a light that is attracted to the melanin pigment in hair and then destroys the follicle. “Without pigmentation, the laser can't easily find the hair follicle,” she says.

    While newer devices are increasingly able to accommodate a wider range of skin tones and hair colors, they traditionally have required a strong contrast between skin and hair color in order to pick up on the pigmentation.

Why Trust PEOPLE?

Sophie Dodd is a PEOPLE contributor who has been writing for the site since 2018. She covers travel and lifestyle, with a focus on homegoods and beauty products. For this story, Sophie did a deep dive into the results of our at-home laser hair removal device test and used her expertise as a commerce and lifestyle writer to research the top-ranked products. She also received advice from Dr. Kim Nichols, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of NicholsM, on the key features to keep in mind when shopping for at-home laser hair removal devices.

What is PEOPLE Tested?

We created the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval to help you find the very best products for your life. We use our unique methodology to test products in three labs across the country and with our network of home testers to determine their effectiveness, durability, ease of use, and so much more. Based on the results, we rate and recommend products so you can find the right one for your needs.

But we don’t stop there: We also regularly re-review the categories in which we’ve awarded the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval — because the best product of today might not be the best of tomorrow. And by the way, companies can never buy our recommendation: Their products must earn it, fair and square.

In short, PEOPLE Tested provides recommendations you can trust — every day, every purchase.

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These Are the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices We Tested (2024)


What is the most effective laser hair removal machine? ›

The Best Technology AND The Best Machine
  • Alexandrite laser: Alexandrite lasers are very effective at removing dark hair on light skin. ...
  • Nd:YAG laser: Nd:YAG lasers are safe for all skin tones, and they are effective at removing both light and dark hair.

What is the most effective form of laser hair removal? ›

For laser hair removal, the most popular devices are those using Diode, Alexandrite, Nd:YAG and IPL technology. These provide the safest and most effective results for permanent hair reduction.

Which laser hair removal works best? ›

Laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair, but it can be successfully used on all skin types.

Which lasers are best for laser hair removal? ›

Effective treatment of light coloured fine hair requires a laser with a high attraction to melanin such as the Alexandrite 755nm laser. Darker thicker hairs will respond better to the diode 810nm laser or Nd Yag 1064nm laser.

Is there something better than laser hair removal? ›

Electrolysis is considered a more permanent solution than laser hair removal (it stops hair growth completely while laser hair removal slows and reduces hair growth), but it requires more individual sessions (closer to 14), and the sessions can take longer. You might not see full results for nearly 18 months.

Which laser is better diode or Alexandrite? ›

Diode lasers are typically more effective for individuals with darker hair and fair skin, while alexandrite lasers are more versatile and can be used on a wider range of skin types and hair colors. Another factor to consider is the treatment area.

What are the 3 types of lasers for hair removal? ›

There are various kinds, including diode, alexandrite, and Nd:YAG. “The diode laser is the Mercedes-Benz of all lasers,” says Fusco.

What is super hair removal? ›

Super Hair Removal (SHR) uses low energy light via rapid pulses to safely traumatise the stem cells of any unwanted hair, helping prevent any regrowth. Compared to older, traditional hair removal treatments that use Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Super Hair Removal (SHR) is faster, gentler and more effective.

Which is better IPL or diode? ›

To conclude, diode lasers are better for hair reduction and pigmentation removal, while IPL lasers can be more versatile and can address a wider range of skin concerns. The choice between the two will depend on the specific needs and goals of the patient.

Where do the Kardashians get laser hair removal? ›

“SEV is a game-changer! Everyone on the team is great,” Khloé Kardashian said in an Instagram story. “They have great bedside manners, especially when you're doing private, sensitive things. I love the environment, the atmosphere, everything.”

What is the new technology for hair removal? ›

Laser hair removal technology

The laser hair removal device emits monochromatic coherent light. During laser hair removal15, the device targets melanin in the hair follicle and removes hair in more specific and selective areas.

What are the negatives of laser hair removal? ›

Possible laser hair removal side effects include:
  • Mild swelling around the hair follicles.
  • Pigment changes may occur, especially in those with darker skin – these changes are usually temporary.
  • Slight redness of the skin.
  • Temporary irritation resulting in blistering, crusting, scarring or other changes in skin texture.

What I wish I knew before laser hair removal? ›

5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal
  • Patience Is Key. It will take two or three weeks to see results from your first treatment, and 8-12 weeks to get the full results. ...
  • Shave But Do Not Wax Before your Appointment. ...
  • Treatments Are Quick. ...
  • Avoid The Sun. ...
  • You Might Need Touch-Up Treatments In The Future.
Jul 8, 2021

What type of laser is used for permanent hair removal? ›

Nd: YAG Lasers

They are proven effective, fast and safe methods for successful hair removal and permanent hair reduction. Your dermatologist will select the laser most appropriate for you depending on your hair and skin type and area of the body.

Which is better IPL or diode laser hair removal? ›

Diode Lasers Produces Better Results

A diode laser has the power needed for faster treatments and can deliver each pulse at a rate faster than IPL.

Which is better IPL or diode laser machine? ›

However, there are some key differences between the two technologies: Wavelength: IPL uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths, typically ranging from 500-1200nm. Diode laser hair removal, on the other hand, uses a single wavelength of light, typically in the range of 800-810nm.

Are at-home laser hair removal devices worth it? ›

Do home laser-removal devices work? Yes, at-home laser-hair removal devices do work, but they take consistency. Because at-home devices use lower energy levels than in-office treatments, they require continued use (think: weekly, or every time you shave) to notice similar results, says cosmetic doctor Ana Mansouri, MD.

What is the difference between IPL and laser hair removal machine? ›

IPL versus laser hair removal for the face

Laser is effective for black or dark brown hair, along with a broader range of skin tones with contrasting hair colours. IPL works best for light to medium skin types with dark hair, as well as targeting light brown hair.

What is the difference between candela and Alexandrite laser? ›

Candela brand of Alexandrite has a larger spot size of 18mm as opposed to Cynosure brand of Alexandrite with their 15 mm spot size. The 69% larger spot size means for large areas, it is much faster.


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